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Arrakis' Journal
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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
5:55 am
relationships and life changes
Well being up still at this early in the morning really does tricks on you so I may have to come back and edit this later. Well for starters lately been self employed doing computer work, been loving it, lately though not getting enough hours to pay all the bills, even with my doubled efforts to get word out, which has worked, I have picked up new customers. So now I am going to have to look into a normal job again for a little bit till I get everything paid off and enough set aside for slow periods. Hopefully the increase in customers keeps happening so that I will be able to completely support myself that way. My girlfriend and I are no longer in a relationship, though she is still going to continue renting out the upstairs of the house I live in. We may go on some dates or something but we both decided that we just weren't working out, and that we were going to work on makeing sure the friendship lasted, and see what happens beyond that. My first true love who happened to be married for awhile, is getting divorced, she is sperated now, becomes official 5 days before my birthday. We talked and it seems we both still have feeling for each other. (Hell last easter when she made a basket for her now ex-hubby she made him one of heath bars that were in easter wrap, since he loves heath blizards, only problem was it wasn't him that loved them, its me) So sometime soon will go down and visit her and we plan to take it real slow and see if maybe we have a chance to get back together. In the mean time I am for all intents and purposes single, for the first time in awhile, and ready to take advantage of it. Now I just need to get that job so I have some money to use for dates and nights out and I will be on my way back to the life of a bachelor. Should be interesting to see if some of the girls that gave me those evalutating looks when I would run errands bymyself when I was in a relationship are actually interested, there were a couple real cute ones. Right now I am waiting for it to get to 9 am so I can go to the bank make a deposit first think that I need to for 2 checks that are suppose to come out soon. Would love for an actually 24 hour bank that allowed for all services 24 hours a day, for those of us that don't live the 8-5 life, it would be a lifesaver. Playing Discworld atm to pass time, got back into it recently, and kindly got addicted to it again. Haven't been on AO in a little bit, need to start playing again in the next day or so, I do have an org that I am suppose to be leading and a city that I have to make sure keeps paid after all the work I put into getting it. Also got to get everything ready so I can go visit Matt now that he is back in the states.
Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
1:51 am
fires and wood
man fresh(actually think it was only simi fresh) cut wood is such a pain to get started in a wood stove. the wood stove keeps the house warm but with the wood I have this year, its starting to be more pain than normal and almost enough for me to just have one warm room instead of a warm house. but since I have the wood, and I did pay for it to have the warmth, I guess I am sorta stuck putting out extra effort to make it work. Hell there are worse things, (some I know first hand, others I am blessed not to have to deal with) but I prefer to complain about the small stuff than the really bad stuff. Well better go check the fire again, gotta make sure it doesn't go out.
1:47 am
well actually got the internet turned on last night but computer was being wack, so I had to format HD, and reinstall windows, (I have lost count of how many times I have had to do this on this and previous machines). the computer is working fine now, just have to finish getting my apps set back up and then can start to enjoy being online again. can't wait to get back on anarchy online. by the way banks really suck in my opinion, they can't make any simple, but they can waste alot of your time and be very annoying.
Tuesday, November 15th, 2005
7:17 pm
Just when things start to go good in a relationship, something has to happen to make you rethink the whole thing. My current off and on again relationship of 3 years is being rethough at the moment and I may be single here soon. (Trust issues as always, how can you be in a relationship with someone if you can't trust them) well other than the relationship blues... I have become self employed, working on getting forms filled out and fees paid to make it an official small business. Also had a wonder fight with my father that ended up with us pretty much not being apart of each other's lives for awhile, how long depends on alot of different things. Well I have to get back to work for now so I will have to work on updating this more later.
Monday, October 10th, 2005
12:43 pm
moves and internet
Man any time I even think of moving I lose the internet for way to long. I was halfway moved to Charleston SC, when it fell through, half my furniture is still down there (my bed being a major piece). So now I must either get a mortage on my grandmother's house or find an apartment to move into in the next month or so. I also just had and lost the best job/contract that I have had in some time. It was the first self employed contract that paid enough and had enough hours that I didn't have to have a normal job. 10 dollars an hour cash, and up to 60 hours a week if I had the time and energy to pull them all. Lost it the same time the move fell through (as the two were linked together since the place I was moving into was owned by my client/employer). Now I am a member of the Moose Lodge here in Dublin and working for them some while I look into what I want to do for work. Always learned about computers in hopes to make a living, didn't realize how good of a fallback they really were till now. Well I will try to finish updating better next time I can get online or once I have settled enough to get the internet back on. (I miss the internet and Anarchy Online, just found out how much changed during my period of lost internet). Just got through reading Matt's Journal after reading how he left an org in AO, not sure if just the org or game so I had to check on him to see how he was doing. The Journal entries seemed to show that he was doing ok, not the greatest but ok. Hopefully things are going better than the journal sounded. Hate not having a way to get in touch with him other than AO, or Livejournal, but oh well, we can only do what we can do. Well have to get off of here and get some more work done and try to resolve the minor issues of my life.

Current Mood: nostalgic
Monday, June 6th, 2005
1:56 am
drive ins
You know its a shame there aren't more of them still around. Just went to the local drive in, (actually alot of people who have lived their whole life in the area don't know about it, and those of us that do don't really spread the word to much it keeps it nice and there are enough that know that it is reasonably full) and it was so much better than going to see the movies in a theater. Hell if nothing else just having control over the volume and seating arrangements is nice, but better pricing, no controls on brining in food and drink and good selection and prices on food and drinks in the concession stand. No you don't get to choose which movie to watch out of a list of them, since there is only the one screen but the atmosphere more than makes up for it. The kids playing soccer down in front of the screen while parents sits on towels watching, lovers left alone to enjoy each others company, singles getting to meet with friends and new people. When I get back from Philmont I plan to go more regularly to help show my support and to just enjoy one of the simple joys of life
Saturday, June 4th, 2005
12:38 am
Dreams and Sleep
Man I hate it when bad dreams keep waking you up and then since you didn't get any good sleep you have a long and bad day. Not the first time its happened, just the first in a long time. With that and the bloody kittens and their mother mewing so often its surprising that I get any sleep at all. Well sleep may be over rated but it does make life a little nicer, just like haveing low light sunglasses. Until one of the lenses breaks so you only have one half. (Low light sunglasses seem to be 10 times as likely to break or be lost as normal sunglasses) Well onto a search for a new set, maybe this time I can find one that is good enough that you can buy spare parts for so I can get an extra set of lenses. Well this is all pretty much just some random ramblings before I go to bed. Just got through checking my email and it was pretty empty, but with every moving and starting their own life, and spam filters not much gets sent to me anymore. Well on the plus side I guess that means more time to do other things. It would be nice to know how some old friends are doing though. Well I need some sleep I have yet one more thing that has to be done before we leave for Philmont. I have to get some writing done about previous backpacking experiences and the improtance of this trip, to help prepare for my writings during the trip and the creating a story package for the news so that we can hopefully get the troop some good publicity again.

Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, June 3rd, 2005
10:05 am
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8:51 am
backpacking and weights
Body weight and pack weight those words and their impact on me right now are incredible. I want to be able to have the lightest pack possible, but everyone in the crew can only carry about 25-35% of their weight, and with some really skinny guys in our group, most of which also don't have much experience in backpacking or in weight reduction techniques for their gear, that means more crew gear will be on my back. With weighing the most I have in my life. 205 pounds as far as we could tell with the scale, will know more precise next tuesday after my physical. (With changes in sleep patterns and everything else, I have managed to go from averaging 180-190 to 205. My appetite has almost doubled the last few days, not sure if its all the preparations for the trail or what but it really isn't helping my quest to lose weight.) Now all of my free time that I can will be spent at the Deadmon Center working out. So far my pack was 25 pounds but that was without any crew gear or water. water will make it at least 32 almost 35 pounds. I am trying to find ways to save weight every chance that I get. I have even tried to find ways to help reduce the crew gear weight, though unfortunately most things I can't do anything to reduce the weight without some serious cash. This time unlike the times before I am going to take the stuff to clean my clothes on the trail and take fewer clothes. I am hopeing that this reduced weight though not much and clearing out space in my pack will make it easier. Last time I remember how sore I was after some days on the trail. (Yeah I know Matt would tell me that what I carried (about 65 pound pack)for those distances isn't anything. He always had that kind of thoughts, but I dare say his time in the military has made it even more so, and hell he has carried more for longer and more times. What I wouldn't give to have him on the trail with us. High Knoll was awesome with him on the trail. But instead he across the ocean doing his part to keep America safe. ) So this time I am trying to fix my pack better both straps, which had to much of the weight on my shoulders instead of on the waist like it is suppose to be. Also this trip will get me started on getting in good shape and I will be continuing the exercise program that I have created on my return as well as my changed diet.
I haven't had much chance to be online for anything other than checking emails and looking up information for this trip, so its like half my life has been abandoned currently. I hope to work it back into my life when I get back from the trip. Man will my life be different when I get back. My father and step-mother are finally going to let me live my life, which just means that they wont interfere as much but I know they will still interfere some, its in their blood. I will also be working on starting or buying a business when I get back. With their interference to a minimum I can finally focus on my goals in life.

Current Mood: restless
Saturday, May 28th, 2005
4:20 pm
losing weight
You should never let dates slip up on you when you have to be down to a certain weight by that date. (This prepareing for Philmont is more than just getting packed with their weight to height requirements) I have to lose some pounds before we leave for Philmont and also cut out caffine from my diet to get over the worse of the cravings before I hit the trail. Though not having the pop in my diet should help with the losing of the weight. Tonight I get to check the requirements and my weight to see the extact amount that I have to lose in the remaining 13 days. To think that I had managed to lose the weight without trying and then due to some bad stress coming my way from my father I put it back on.
Friday, May 27th, 2005
1:57 pm
Time why does it keep running away
Well due to preparing for a backpacking trek and road trip that will take up almost a month of my summer I haven't had much time latetly. That and the fights with my parents probably haven't helped much. Since I had pretty much stopped having time to get online for now, I handed over leadership of my AO org to my second in command so they woudln't be without a leader until I got my RL issues straightened out. Also had alot of people wonder what happened since they only got to talk to me online and I just disapeared. Well I have gone on alot of roadtrips in the quest to find what I need in life, and the picture is starting to get painted. The older and larger of my two cats which is also a calico just had kittens, was 5, but one was born with its intestines on the outside of its body and had to be put to sleep. so I now have 2 yellow and 2 black kittens that are currently 2 weeks old. My body is starting to get use to little sleep again with having to stay up late, get up early and be waken up by cats a couple times in the night. Relationships, starting to wonder if they are overated, my current one is on the rocks again and about to just be friends (possibly with benifits or something more than just plain friends) we will see how life goes and what happens in the two weeks before trip, during and when I get back.
Monday, April 11th, 2005
1:18 am
the times they do fly
Well each time I log on I say I am going to write more often and update what has happened since when I use to post alot. Here goes another attempt at it, hopefully this time I will manage to do just that.
Females- Well when I was single a friend emailed me a hot or not list that he was on from a game we both played, so i decided to create an account to get on list as well. When I did, I decided to go ahead and make a meet me profile on it as well. Well since then the list has gone up and down with girls that clicked yes to me as well. Some had guys in their life and just looking for friends, some didn't really respond to emails, and almost went on dates with a couple but haven't actually went on any yet. A couple that I would really like to go on dates with but either hasn't show that much interest yet or are to far away. Well the girl I was enganged to and I have kinda gotten back together though we are friends first, we have sorta gotten attached to each other, though not sure if there is any love (the kind for a relationship, cause there is definately love of the type that you want to make sure the person isn't hurt and is always okay). She will be renting out the upstairs where I live soon. (currently live in what use to be my grandmother's house, currently my father is the exuctor of the estates, ie my landlord) Girls that I know and think I could have a good relationship with all live far away and some I don't even have contact with anymore.
A0-Helped found the org Omni Freedom Fighters, then had a falling out with the leader and started my own org Masters of Recluse, bringing a few members over with me. Built an org city, org prospered, but didnt' have as many members as I would have liked. Well when we found a better city site and were looking at upgrading so we could have a large hq, we decided to help an ally org of ours and sell them our city at a pitiance of the cost, then at same time we made a deal with the leader of OFF that for leadership I would build them a city, the upgraded city MoR wanted. So we merged. After about a week of rough attempts at mergeing and getting everything to build the hq together and an hq built just not placed, it came to my attention the merger just wouldn't work as is. Tried to work out a different kind of merger that had two orgs but as one unit, and was backstabbed as I left OFF. Well took the hq and those loyal to me and recreated MoR. Bought the land we thought would hold a large hq to find out it wouldn't so we had to settle for a small hq still but could have alot more buildings. Created Dangerguilders of Recluse to have an open recruitment org that will allow for us to get more members and test them out before they join us in Masters of Recluse. By this time I have 4 bots running on my computer, 1 for each org, 1 for governing council and 1 for a special channel for as need case. Well our highest level member left to play the game WoW and after emailing him, he handed over his account to me. So now I am trying to get it in order and use my now two accounts to help the org more. Starting to finally have an organized leadership system in place and working on upgrading the website, its only a forum at now that we stole from OFF when the host changed over to join us. (will go into more info on my characters later)
Scouts-Well other than some painting the gazebo is done, should have the painting done in a couple weeks. After this summer (well after august) as soon as certain boys in the troop get eagle I will be taking over as Scoutmaster or at least attempt to depends on what opposition comes up.
Family-Things have gotten better between me and my father and step mother but they still have alot of bad moments, while my mother has continued to support me.
School-Yeah that hasn't really gone well for me everythign else in life and my bad habits has had me withdrawn from alot of classes and bad grades in others.
Job-I am now working at a diner called Master Chef. I like the job, like not having as long of a commute to work, like the hours cept for missing scouts on mondays, like the coworkers cept for how the cook during my shift has gotten petty with me cause I make as much hourly as he does. Though I do as much if not more work than he does.
Well I think that about covers it if I missed something and think about will add it later, and also will try to post more often and fill in the gaps some more as well.
Thursday, November 25th, 2004
12:14 pm
Life Changes
Well since last time I posted, allot has changed, I have been out of school for a bit, trying to get back in this semester. I have changed jobs. Also just during this last week and a half, I have gone from being engaged to being single. I know work at a Target doing stock, working on getting financial aid, and finding some females to hang out with and hopefully one to date. Since my life has changed so much I may finally be able to keep my journal up to date. We will see, isn't the first time I thought I was going to do that. If I do manage to do that though I will try to catch up on everything that has happened as well. We will see. This upcoming summer I am going back to Philmont, it is a Boy Scout camp in Cimeron, New Mexico. (real close to Alburquerque) I may have misspelled both towns, I will look it up later. This time the troop is driving out and having a road trip on the way back. With being an adult leader now, I have a little more options. If time allows I will drive out with them in my own car, and take their road trip back most of the way, and then turn back around and visit with my aunt and uncle in Texas for awhile. I haven't seen them much since I was little. I have to save up the money for all this site seeing, also I wouldn't mind having someone to share my trip with after I part with the troop. It may boil down to me actually leaving my job until I get down with my road trip and have my parents take care of my place until I get back. The backpacking part will take almost 2 weeks, and with the scout trip on the side, it is almost a month, so with my extras added on it may be close to two months that I will be away from home and on the road. This may be one of the coolest things I have ever done. (Even better than when I got to pilot an airplane)

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
5:38 am
I am back
Well this one wont be very long. Over the next couple of days I will start to fill you all in on everything that has happened and that is going on. Just to give you a general idea of what is going on. I am engaged, living on my own with my fiancee, working full-time, and going to college (as full time as I can get it). I am also working on alot of other things and have alot else to tell. I will tell more later, but I have been up for 20 hours, I am going to bed, I have to be up in 2 hours. Well I will write more later. Just giving you all the heads up.
Tyrone The Dragon
is back
Tuesday, May 20th, 2003
11:51 am
Last night I finally got a good nights sleep. With all the stress lately I have finally managed to get some relaxing sleep. The reason for this is because I finally got the solution to the problem of females. I now can relax some. It is great. Kelly will just end up being a friend that I will talk to once in an odd blue moon. Laura a good friend that once she can I will go places with and have good times. Then Christie and I are good friends, and will see where that goes. And come febuary I will go out with the girl that I want to. I am glad that stress is over, the only thing left to resolve is the problem about my grandmother's house, college, and summer.
Wednesday, May 14th, 2003
1:09 pm
Friends and Families
Yesterday after I went and set up the deal with Doug's Family, I then went to Reeds to get everything straight there. Then for the rest of the evening I spent at Eva's Aunts house (she had been wanting to visit her for quite some time and it was the first time that the days meshed for everyone). It was fun, even though I did get a little to wet from one of her little relatives throwing a wet ball at me, and then Eva using it as a weapon against me. I then got to go home and deal with my father being a pain in the A$$. Afterwards I went to bed and caught up on some sleep. So I didn't get everything taken care of that I was suppose to though I got a good portion done. I have several phone calls to make and one app. to mail tonight. I also want to try and go and watch Christie's soccer game. Well I am going to download some information for discworld now.

Current Mood: energetic
Tuesday, May 13th, 2003
1:55 pm
Well I finally got on last night. People like Zop have passed me by in the fields of magic. I did get up to guild level 40 last night though. So now I can join an order. I had to leave early though almost as soon as Katata(Matt) got on and didn't get to talk to him much. I have to start advanceing in magic fast and see if I can get the skills I need with my current stats (My warmage stats aren't that great for magic) or if I need to use my last rearrange to get them more normal wizard like stats. I also need to start earning money again because I need to finish getting my intial gear setup. I want to have him set up like I want him before the month is over.
1:51 pm
Cell Phone Signals
I feel alot better now. For starters the whole problem last night with Eva about her not saying bye was because she lost her phone signal. She was in a car and they went through for a long time an area where she couldn't get a signal. So we have talked and worked everything out now.

On another note.

Tonight I have to go to Reeds to get the last materials for the gazebo, I also have to go to Dougs to get everything started for my free $100 a month paycheck. (Hope that goes good) Then I also must send in my application for Aquatics Base, and call in for my Parking Services job. So much riding on one night...

Current Mood: Relieved and Tensed
12:27 pm
Bad Memories and Bad Phone Calls
Last night before I went to bed, I decided to see if Eva was off work yet, since she wanted to talk to me about something that was bothering her. Well I get her, but she is distant the whole time and can't talk (due to who is in the car with her) and isn't interested in talking later that night, nor does she even say bye. It hurt, some just for it happening, and alot because of the memories it stired up of a high emotion summer that left several scars on my heart. That I had managed not to let bother me, it just happened that I had just started to try and go through in my head everything that had happened and start to sort it all out when this happened. Luckily for me I had friends to talk to that helped me calm down enough to get to sleep, though it still took some time.

Current Mood: worried, confused, and angry
Monday, May 12th, 2003
11:48 am
This weekend was great. Friday Eva and I went to Roanoke. We were going to watch 2 movies, but we skipped the second one just to talk in the car. We also spent alot of time in the mall, catching up enjoying each others company and remembering some of the good days. We didn't even get home till one in the morning, would have been later, but my parents insited on one.

Saturday, Kelly and I went to Roanoke, went to the mall, (locked my keys in my car), then went and saw the movie I had missed the night before hand. Next we went to the dance. We met up with Laura (Eva was painting and couldn't make it) and everyone got to meet each other. Spent a good portion talking. Danced a few dances with Kelly, several with Laura. Played pass the light stick... (that was fun) ...also got some time to talk to her alone. Also had the pleasantries of continuously hearing that Christie was saying this that or the other about me to people, including my date. Even though the whole thing was a big misunderstanding started by third parties. Before the whole thing was over though everything was straight between Kelly and me, and between Laura and me. Now I just have to decide what I want right now, because no choice is free from problems.

Sunday I had a great time at my mother's house for her birthday and mother's day. Ed fixed prime rib, with au juis sauce. We also had baked potatas and salad, with strawberry shortcakes for dessert. Mom and I spent alot of time talking, and having me help her on her computer. I also found out that my mother had already got my graduation present (it is a digital camera similar to hers but alittle newer and better)

Current Mood: Spinning
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